Ron's Vision for Contra Costa County Schools

Ron is dedicated to improving Contra Costa Schools so every student has the chance to succeed and every teacher has the support they need in the classroom. The quality of education in our County has noticeably declined, with troubling statistics showing that our County has the worst school attendance in the Bay Area and less than half of Contra Costa students are meeting state standards for English and math.

As Superintendent of Schools, Ron will tackle all these issues, and he has a plan to turn around Contra Costa County schools:

Ensuring Student Success

Every student deserves to have a chance to succeed. As Superintendent, Ron will implement stronger intervention programs to help students who are struggling to keep up and will establish a Regional Occupation Program to provide vocational training.

21st Century Job Training

Jobs in technology are the future, which is why Ron will work to expand programs that offer training in coding, robotics, and 3-D technology so our kids will be prepared for jobs of the 21stCentury.

Supporting Our Teachers

Our teachers and administration are the core of our schools, and their vitality is essential for our kids. As Superintendent, Ron will ensure they are provided with the tools, training, and support they need to be successful in the classroom.

Balancing County Budgets

As Superintendent, Ron Leone will closely monitor, adjust, and approve school budgets throughout the County to ensure transparency and equity. He will also work to reduce school districts’ unfunded pension liabilities.