Meet Ron

Ron_Leone-COLOR143.jpgIn his 40 years as a school principal, superintendent, teacher, and elected leader, Ron Leone has helped thousands of students, overseen large complicated organizations, and given back to our Contra Costa County communities.

Ron is running for Superintendent to bring his education background, management experience and passion for public education to help the almost 177,000 k-12 students in Contra Costa County. The County Superintendent’s office provides services to schools that are better handled at the County level, such as administering all County Office of Education programs, facilitating cooperation and coordination among schools, colleges, government and community organizations, and monitoring and approving all school district budgets.

Ron started as a teacher in 1976.  Since then, he’s taught at a number of Bay Area schools, including California High School, American High School, Northgate High School, and Deer Valley High School–he also served as Principal at American High School, Assistant Principal at California High School, and Vice Principal at Deer Valley High School. Additionally, Ron served as President of the San Ramon Valley Education Association. Outside of the classroom, Ron went the extra mile to help kids build confidence and provide opportunity, coaching high school baseball and several successful mock trial and constitutional academic teams. Ron’s work has helped thousands of kids, and he’s been recognized as a Teacher of the Year in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Ron always put our kids first, ensuring they got the preparation and personal attention they deserve in the classroom.

In 2010, Ron was elected the Concord City Council, serving as Mayor in 2012. During that time, Ron revitalized the Historic Downtown District of Concord and balanced the budgets with 30% reserve, paying down the city’s unfunded liabilities.

Ron also served the public as an elected member of the Mount Diablo Health Care District for 16 years and was chairman of the John Muir Health System.

Ron’s experience is unprecedented: Mayor and City Councilmember of Concord, 40 years of experience as a teacher, principal and vice principal, and public health administrator. For Ron Leone, every student counts, and he will put his 40 years of education and public service experience to work for Contra Costa County Schools as your Superintendent.

Ron and his four siblings grew up in the Bay View/Hunter’s Point district in San Francisco. While his parents struggled in school, his father dropping out in middle school and mother in high school, Ron became the first in his family to go to college, and later receiving a master’s degree and an administrative credential from Saint Mary’s College.